Frequently asked questions

Our master tailors will have your custom bespoke clothing ready in 4 to 5 weeks.

There are no refunds for custom clothing orders. Remakes and credit is available for future orders. It's a case by case. Please reach out to about your order.

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Currently, we are responsible for collecting sales tax in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia (DC). No sales tax will be collected for any of the other states.

Simply stop by one of our showrooms for alternation services. For online order, we will offer up to $75 alternation credit once you've completed our alternation forms. You can stop by any local alternation shop and get the necessary changes fixed.

Simply click on our "Contact Us" link and you will find our telephone number and email.

You can stop by any of our showrooms or a local tailor to have them measure you. The typically cost is $10-15. We will offer a $20 credit card refund after you've receive your first order in good standing. For credit refunds, simply email with your order number and we'll send $20 back to your credit card.

Yes, for groups 6 or more. Custom Clothiers services a lot of wedding parties each year. It's best to contact our local showroom or by emailing with your name and number so we can reach out.

Many of our competitors use low quality fabric blends. Custom Clothiers only offer premium fabric products. Our suit fabrics are 100% wool Superfine 150's and 180's and our shirts are typically 100% cotton.