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    Love the fit and quality of their garments!

    Philadelphia - Pennsylvania

    I started with a custom suit and shirt from their Philadelphia location. Can't believe I waited so long to try custom. Now, there is no turning back and the online store is an easier way for me to get more!

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    Love their Shirts!

    Chicago - Illinois

    I've been ordering every few weeks for a few more shirts. They're fantastic for work and everyday wear. Been receiving great comments.

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    Best Bang for your buck!

    P - Maryland

    after trying several places and being quotes $1,000+ that I finally found their Baltimore store. Got exactly what I wanted and a few minor adjustments it was perfect at half the prices of others.

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    Truly Amazing!

    Burke - Virginia

    Not a lot of options where I am. For a custom suits, I was quoted $1500+ until I found Custom Clothiers. Received my suit which was 99% perfect and requested for some minor adjustments (just the way I like it) and it came back 100% perfect. Well worth the wait and definitely great service.

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    Fantastic Gift

    Hunt Valley - Maryland

    Had my husband stop by their local showroom to be measured so I could design the perfect suit for him. After 3 weeks, we received it and couldn't be happier.

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    Coat Review

    chennai - Texas


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    Amazing Shirts for the Price

    Reston - Virginia

    Purchased 6 shirts and they fitted so well on me. Quality was excellent. Way better bang for my buck versus other custom shops.

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    Love Them!

    Arlington - Virginia

    Never thought for it could fit so nicely. It was 100% perfect when I first tried it on - at least to me. There was two small things that they saw that I would have never noticed. They made the adjustments and it was 100% Perfect AGAIN.

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    Baltimore - Maryland

    Just got my suit back after waiting 3 weeks. Fit perfectly and looks amazing. Couldn't be happier.

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    My goal is to never buy off the rack again!

    Springfield - Virginia

    Excellent service and excellent quality. Finally, bespoke clothing at affordable prices has come to DC! Previously, I had been using online shops that took in all of your measurements and created made-to-order suits and shirts. While the fit was better than off the rack, it was never quite right. In minutes, Kabba knew exactly what needed to change in order to get that perfect fit. I started my journey with a bespoke 3-piece suit and shirt. After getting some much needed fashion advice from Kabba in designing a suit that would stand out, I placed the order. In about four weeks, my suit was ready for fitting and pickup. Not surprisingly, the suit and shirt were a perfect fit! My goal is to never buy off the rack again!

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    Miscellanoues products

    Kansas City - Kansas

    Was in the DC area. Had the consultation in their showroom and requested that they shipped it to me. Not knowing how it would turn out and being so far away, but after 4 weeks I received my package. I was very happy with how it looks (didn't really remember what I choice so there were so many selections) and it fitted great on me.

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    CHENNAI - Louisiana

    Their ties and acessories are great buys for the price.

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    Good service and Excellent Fit

    Alexandria - Virginia

    Very good service and excellent fit.  Will be going back for another suit in the near future.

    Morris M

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    Great Job

    Fort Washington - Maryland

    My wife bought a gift certificate for me for a custom suit and dress shirt from Custom Clothiers.  I'm normally an off the rack shopper and have been for many years.  That being the case, the experience at DC Custom clothiers as excellent!  The space was comfortable and tasteful.  Taking measurements and fabric selection took about a 1/2 hour and their clothier offered great insight as to what would look best on me (things an off the rack shopper wouldn't know!)

    The suit was ready in 3 weeks and is great.  There is a nice selection of ties and accessories and, again their clothier was a capable guide in selecting a good look for me.  I was very satisfied with the service and the product.  The prices were reasonable for made to order clothing.

    Great job custom clothiers!

    Paul and Vania McBean

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    Thank You Kabba from the DC3 Showroom

    DC - District of Columbia

    I have worked with Kabba at a previous company, and I can say he has brought his professionalism and expertise with him to his new one. I was fortunate enough to buy a suit and shirt this time, but unfortunately needed it quickly for a cruise. After taking careful measurements and walking/counseling me through the many options they had, I was able to pick out a handsome gray 3 piece. Even better, Kabba informed me of the suits arrival and worked with me to get an early pick up. Thanks to his ability to measure twice and cut once, my suit and shirt fit like a glove on the first try. I was off to the Caribbean with my new clothes in no time! Looking forward to doing more business with DC3 in the future.

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    High-Quality Suit that fits me perfectly

    Washington - District of Columbia

    I tried DC Custom Clothiers because I was intrigued by their special offer. But what really "hooked" me was their service. Kabba, the Creative Director, immediately understood what I was looking for and gave me wonderful advice and assistance. I just got my first suit and shirts. They look amazing. Kabba took a lot of time to make sure I was completely satisfied. I now have a great, high-quality suit that fits me perfectly. I am looking forward to getting another one soon!

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    Came out Great!

    DC - Washington DC

    I just got my first custom shirt in from DC3 and it came out great. As someone with relatively large biceps and broad shoulders but an otherwise slim frame, it's hard to find shirts that fit well. The fit of this shirt was perfect. Additionally, just in case, Kabba offers a 30 day warranty period if I decide I need any adjustments. Not only that, but when designing the shirt, there were hundreds of different swatches to choose from. An overall very pleasant experience.

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    I'll be ordering a suit next.

    DC - Washington DC

    I'll be ordering a suit next. Kabba contacted the community college I work for, offering to present a workshop for our students and give them a discount on purchases. It was risky because I didn't know his work or his presentation skills, but he knocked it out of the park. It was one of the most highly rated events of our program for the year, and students left knowing how to present their best while staying true to their style and not breaking the bank. While we were planning the workshop, I ordered a custom shirt so I would be able to vouch for his customer service and products. I can never find a good fit. I've got a gut and I'm on the short side, so buying shirts with just two measurements isn't enough. The shirt came out great! The fabric is beautiful, it fits perfectly, and I just scheduled to get measured for a suit.

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    Perfect Suit

    Hyattsville - Maryland

    Really happy that the custom suit and shirt for my fiance came back perfect. They did an exceptional job with helping us choose from the many styling and fabric options. It was a fun experience.